Video Data Acquisition

In this video, you can see the patient being recorded by the clinician using the KELVIN platform.

Computer Vision Based Analysis

KELVIN is using a cutting-edge computer vision technique, called pose estimation, to objectively track the movement of the patients down to the fingertip level. Objective metrics of core symptoms are being delivered, such as tremor and bradykinesia, through an intuitive layout.
KELVIN-PD Analytics

Objective Measurement

New levels of precision, reliability and objectivity of the measurement disease severity, presented in a transparent, reproducible and robust way.

100% Secure

The KELVIN platform is fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant, enabling completely secure storage and management of patient data.

Easy Access

You can access your data through our website or download it in universal file formats. Videos are available as MP4 files, all other data including our analytical results are available as CSV or JSON files.

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